Héctor Cortés

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BACKGROUND Rotavirus and more recently norovirus have been recognized as 2 of the most common causes of acute diarrhea in children. Comparative analysis of these infections in a birth cohort has not been performed and can provide relevant insight on clinical and viral behaviors. METHODS Mother-infant pairs from middle-low socioeconomic background living(More)
This study investigated whether the encoding and retrieval of plurality information and letter-case information of words in recognition memory can be inhibited. Response-deadline experiments (Hintzman & Curran, 1994) using single words have indicted a controlled processing mode, whereas studies using meaningful sentences (e.g., Jou & Harris, 1991) have(More)
It is widely believed that a Two-Alternative-Forced-Choice (2AFC) in an old/new recognition memory test is made by comparing the two items and choosing the item with the higher strength. For this reason, it is considered to be criterion-free by some researchers. We found evidence that subjects probabilistically compromised the comparison by choosing the(More)
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