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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the problems associated with hip dislocation in adults with cerebral palsy. Twenty-nine subjects with dislocated hips and no prior hip surgery were identified. There were a total of 38 dislocated hips. Age range was 21 to 52 years (average 34). Seven dislocated hips (18%) were definitely painful and four hips (11%)(More)
Until 2011 the genus Gyrovirus in the family Circoviridae consisted of a single virus (Chicken anemia virus or CAV) causing a common immunosuppressive disease in chickens when a second gyrovirus (HGyV) was reported on the skin of 4 % of healthy humans. HGyV is very closely related to a recently described chicken gyrovirus, AGV2, suggesting that they belong(More)
BACKGROUND Rotavirus and more recently norovirus have been recognized as 2 of the most common causes of acute diarrhea in children. Comparative analysis of these infections in a birth cohort has not been performed and can provide relevant insight on clinical and viral behaviors. METHODS Mother-infant pairs from middle-low socioeconomic background living(More)
BACKGROUND : Helicobacter pylori colonization/infection can be transitory or persistent, conditions that have not been thoroughly evaluated in young children. We aimed to characterize the dynamics of H. pylori stool detection and to determine host and environmental factors and symptoms associated with persistence. METHOD : In a 5-year cohort study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Rotavirus and more recently noroviruses are recognized as main causes of moderate to severe acute diarrhea episodes (ADE) in children < or =5 years of age. Comparing epidemiologic and clinical features of norovirus to rotavirus ADE will aid in the decision-making process required to develop norovirus vaccines. METHODS Surveillance for ADE(More)
This study investigated whether the encoding and retrieval of plurality information and letter-case information of words in recognition memory can be inhibited. Response-deadline experiments (Hintzman & Curran, 1994) using single words have indicted a controlled processing mode, whereas studies using meaningful sentences (e.g., Jou & Harris, 1991) have(More)
BACKGROUND Rotavirus is the main cause of severe gastroenteritis (GE) in children. Two vaccines currently available have proven efficacy against the predominant genotypes. Rotavirus genotypes vary both geographically and/or temporally. Genotype surveillance is important to monitor trends associated or not with vaccine use. AIM To update information on(More)
It is widely believed that a Two-Alternative-Forced-Choice (2AFC) in an old/new recognition memory test is made by comparing the two items and choosing the item with the higher strength. For this reason, it is considered to be criterion-free by some researchers. We found evidence that subjects probabilistically compromised the comparison by choosing the(More)