Héctor Calisto

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A revision of generalized commutation relations is performed, beside a description of Deformed Special Relativity (DSR) theories. It is demonstrated that these propositions are very closely related, specially Magueijo Smolin momenta and Kempf et al. and L.N. Chang generalized commutators. Due this, a new algebra arise with its own features that is also(More)
In this article we review some results obtained from a generalization of quantum mechanics obtained from modification of the canonical commutation relation [q, p] = i¯ h. We present some new results concerning relativistic generalizations of previous works, and we calculate the energy spectrum of some simple quantum systems, using the position and momentum(More)
We report an exact result for the calculation of the probability distribution of the Bernoulli-Malthus-Verhulst model driven by a multiplicative colored noise. We study the conditions under which the probability distribution of the Malthus-Verhulst model can exhibit a transition from a unimodal to a bimodal distribution depending on the value of a critical(More)
Multistable systems can exhibit stochastic resonance which is characterized by the amplification of small periodic signals by additive noise. Here we consider a nonmultistable linear system with a multiplicative noise forced by an external periodic signal. The noise is the sum of a colored noise of mean value zero and a noise with a definite sign. We show(More)
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