Héctor A. Moreno

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Amyloid-β peptide (Aβ)-membrane interactions have been implicated in the formation of toxic oligomers that permeabilize membranes, allowing an influx of calcium ions and triggering cell death in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Curcumin, a small dietary polyphenolic molecule, has been shown to reduce Aβ-induced toxicity and AD pathology. We(More)
Combination of electrodes, such as aluminum and iron in a single electrochemical cell provide an alternative method for removal of arsenic from water by electrocoagulation. The removal process has been studied with a wide range of arsenic concentration (1-1000 ppm) at different pH (4-10). Analysis of the electrochemically generated by-products by XRD, XPS,(More)
Arsenic contamination is an enormous worldwide problem. A large number of people dwelling in Comarca Lagunera, situated in the central part of northern México, use well water with arsenic in excess of the water standard regulated by the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of México (SEMARNAT), to be suitable for human health. Individuals with(More)
This study introduces the concept design and analysis of a robotic system for the assistance and rehabilitation of disabled people. Based on the statistical data of the most common types of disabilities in Spain and other industrialized countries, the different tasks that the device must be able to perform have been determined. In this study, different(More)
This paper describes a new parallel robot with 6 degree of freedom (dof) and decoupled kinematics. The robot is composed of six legs with actuated prismatic joints; three legs control the spatial position of the center of the mobile platform, while the remaining legs are used to define the end effector orientation. The decouple kinematics is obtained by(More)
In this paper we propose a strategy for modelling a human hand for Haptics interaction.The strategy consists in a parallel computing architecture that calculates the dynamics of a hand, this is accomplished by computing the dynamics of each finger in a parallel manner. In this approach multiple threads (e.g. haptics thread, graphics thread, collision(More)
In this paper we present the concept design and analysis of a robot for rehabilitation and assistance, named Magic Ladder. The different tasks that the device is be able to execute have been determined based on statistical information on the types of disabilities most common in Spain. In this work, we review the different robots for rehabilitation and(More)
In this work, the dimensional synthesis of a spherical Parallel Manipulator (PM) with a 3PSU-IS kinematic chain is presented. The goal of the synthesis is to find a set of parameters that defines the PM with the best performance in terms of workspace capabilities, dexterity and isotropy. The PM is parametrized in terms of a reference element, and a(More)
Electrocoagulation (EC) is electrochemical water and wastewater treatment technology which in its simplest form uses an electrochemical cell where a dc voltage is applied to the electrodes, usually made of Iron or Aluminum, and the electrolyte is the water or wastewater. Current theory of EC has not been able to explain all the phenomena associated with the(More)