Håvard Myklebust

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Aims: Experience morphology of acceleration signals, extract useful information and classify time periods into defined techniques during crosscountry skiing. Method: Three Norwegian crosscountry skiers ski skated one lap in the 2011 world championship sprint track as fast as possible with 5 accelerometers attached to their body and equipment. Algorithms for(More)
In regard to simplifying motion analysis and estimating center of mass (COM) in ski skating, this study addressed 3 main questions concerning the use of inertial measurement units (IMU): (1) How accurately can a single IMU estimate displacement of os sacrum (S1) on a person during ski skating? (2) Does incorporating gyroscope and accelerometer data increase(More)
Elite crosscountry skiers use both the V1 and V2 techniques on moderate and steep inclines despite previous studies suggesting that the V1 technique is superior in terms of lower O2-cost and better performance on these inclines. However, this has not been studied in elite athletes, and therefore, the aim of this study was to compare O2-cost in these 2 main(More)
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