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Constructing the sustainable city: examining the role of sustainability in the ‘smart city’ discourse
ABSTRACT The idea of the ‘smart city’ is increasingly central to debates on urban development and sustainability, and a host of cities are now pursuing ‘smartness’ as a way to improve energyExpand
Cross-scalar Dynamics of the Resource Curse: Constraints on Local Participation in the Bolivian Gas Sector
Abstract Contributing to debate on the contextual underpinnings and varieties of the resource curse, this article points to how political and economic dynamics of resource endowments operate inExpand
Collective political subjectivity and the problem of scale
The contemporary political climate presents significant challenges for attempts to conceptualize and practise collective action. New forms of socio-spatial organization have challenged the centralityExpand
Globalization and the power of rescaled narratives: A case of opposition to mining in Tambogrande, Peru
In this article, we criticize the bipolar polemic on globalization that tends to be limited to arguing over its desirability or destructiveness, and argue that it is necessary to probe deeper intoExpand
Where are urban energy transitions governed? Conceptualizing the complex governance arrangements for low-carbon mobility in Europe
Abstract This article addresses the question of where urban low-carbon energy transitions are governed. A challenge is that urban governance is not simply urban, but a complex assemblage ofExpand
Bridging socio-technical and justice aspects of sustainable energy transitions
Abstract Sustainable energy transitions necessarily comprise both socio-technical aspects as well as important implications for social justice. However, in existing scholarship, these are mainlyExpand
Are smart city projects catalyzing urban energy sustainability
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to investigate the links between smart cities and urban energy sustainability. Because achieving a “smart city” is a wide agenda rather than a specific set ofExpand
Rescaling low‐carbon transformations: Towards a relational ontology
It is argued that low‐carbon urban transformations are immanently constituted of three sets of relational processes across scale, involving (1) politicisation, (2) enrolment and (3) the hybridisation of human and material agencies. Expand
Who Is Driving the ‘Smart City’ Agenda? Assessing Smartness as a Governance Strategy for Cities in Europe
Smart cities are now widely acclaimed as a key policy approach to achieve the greening of the economy, and in particular, to address urban energy challenges. ‘Smartness’ has long been primarily aboutExpand