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Leptin Receptor‐ and STAT3‐Immunoreactivities in Hypocretin/Orexin Neurones of the Lateral Hypothalamus1
Hypocretins/orexins are recently characterized peptides that are synthesized in neurones of the lateral hypohalamus and stimulate food intake in rats. To clarify whether leptin may interact withExpand
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The Wandel Hav Strike-Slip Mobile Belt – A Mesozoic plate boundary in North Greenland
The historical ‘de Geer Line’ between Svalbard and Greenland is shown to have had a Mesozoic precursor now residing well within the continental Greenland plate, where it coincides with the Wandel HavExpand
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NMR Self-Diffusion Studies of the Water and the Oil Components in a W/O/W Emulsion
The application of the pulsed field gradient NMR technique to a double emulsion is presented. This method determines the diffusion behavior of the different components of the emulsion. The details ofExpand
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12C(n, gamma 0)13C cross section in the 8-11 MeV region.
To resolve the discrepancy between two sets of {sup 12}C({ital n},{gamma}{sub 0}){sup 13}C cross-section data, the reaction has been reinvestigated in the neutron energy region between 8 and 11 MeV.Expand