Håkan Rudström

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OBJECTIVES To study the epidemiology of vascular injuries, with special focus on iatrogenic vascular injuries (IVIs) and time-trends. DESIGN AND METHODS From the Swedish national vascular registry, Swedvasc, prospectively registered data on vascular injuries during 1987-2005 were analysed and cross-referenced for mortality against the population registry.(More)
The aim was to study the nature of iatrogenic vascular injuries (IVIs) associated with postoperative death within 30 days. Patients who had undergone vascular surgery for IVIs and were reported prospectively to the Swedish national vascular registry during 1987–2008 were identified. They were cross-checked with the national population registry. Those who(More)
OBJECTIVES The study aimed to estimate the incidence and causes of insurance claims (IC) after vascular surgery (VS) reported to the Swedish Medical Injury Insurance (SMII); and to validate the registration of complications in the National Vascular Registry (Swedvasc). METHODS The medical records of all IC in VS in Sweden reported to the SMII 2002-2007(More)
Iatrogenic vascular injuries during varicose vein surgery are serious. The aim of this study was to investigate their nature and consequences. A systematic literature research was performed. The incidence is low (0.0017%–0.3%). We found 81 patients suffering from 87 vascular injuries—44 arterial and 43 deep vein injuries. Vascular injuries during varicose(More)
Popliteal artery injury (PAI) is a feared complication during knee replacement. Our aim was to investigate those injuries that occurred in association with knee replacement in terms of the type of injury, treatment and outcomes. From our national vascular registry (Swedvasc) and the Swedish Patient Insurance databases a total of 32 cases were identified.(More)
The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the accuracy of using preoperative data for the prediction of conversion from laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy in patients operated on for acute calculous cholecystitis. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was scheduled in eighty-nine of 184 consecutive patients with acute calculous cholecystitis who(More)
Rudström, H. 2013. Iatrogenic Vascular Injuries. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Medicine 867. 63 pp. Uppsala. ISBN 978-91-554-8597-9. Iatrogenic vascular injuries (IVIs) and injuries associated with vascular surgery can cause severe morbidity and death. The aims of this thesis(More)
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