Håkan Enquist

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This paper describes critical factors for coordinated enterprise and IS/IT development and change in complex organizations in Sweden. These factors represent an answer on the crucial question: Why is coordinated development of enterprise and IS/IT difficult today? The survey is based upon in-depth interviews and concentrated workshops which present a(More)
In this paper we present implications for using and delivering Enterprise Resource Planning as services (ERP-as-a-service). The objective is to construct a framework of opportunities and challenges for users and suppliers of ERP-as-a-service. The framework is based on a combination of literature study and field study and includes approximately 80(More)
Development of information systems in complex and dynamic organisations has failed in many aspects often due to the inability to manage complexity in interdependent enterprise and information systems changes. This paper presents some essential difficulties from the case project in systems development based on IT products like ERP products. We give an(More)
The purpose of this paper is to investigate possible change management implications for networks organizations. This is achieved through applying six Critical Management Issues (CMI's) from the change management framework DELTA on a taxonomy consisting of three generic types of network organizations. The paper is built on an empirical base comprised of over(More)
Management of enterprise development refers to the complex task of transforming an enterprise from one state to another (desirable) state in a controlled manner. This paper presents a framework that enables the systematization of empirical as well as theoretical knowledge contributions relevant for management of enterprise development. The framework is(More)
We demonstrate a concept to study transient liquids with picosecond time-resolved x-ray scattering in a high-repetition-rate configuration. Femtosecond laser excitation of crystalline indium antimonide (InSb) induces ultrafast melting, which leads to a loss of the long-range order. The remaining local correlations of the liquid result in broad x-ray(More)
Following a previous description of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations as participatory design (Pries-Heje & Dittrich, 2009), this paper explores the case of a medium-sized, family-owned manufacturing company and its endeavors with changing their current ERP system. The case was selected on the premise of it being perceived a success by the(More)