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The effects of a mobile telephone task on young and elderly drivers' choice reaction time, headway, lateral position, and workload were studied when the subjects were driving in a car-following situation, in the VTI driving simulator. It was found that a mobile telephone task had a negative effect upon the drivers' choice reaction time, and that the effect(More)
The effects of a mobile telephone task on drivers' reaction time, lane position, speed level, and workload were studied in two driving conditions (an easy or rather straight versus a hard or very curvy route). It was predicted that the mobile telephone task would have a negative effect on drivers' reaction time, lane position, and workload and lead to a(More)
Twenty-nine patients with brain lesion and 29 matched controls participated in the study. The patients were socially well recovered with a high rate of employment. Compared with the controls, they performed significantly worse on a neuropsychological test battery, especially on executive and cognitive functions. Patients drove as well as controls in(More)
Holding immature oocytes before maturation simplifies the transport of oocytes and aids in scheduling later manipulations. We examined the effect of holding bovine oocytes in the absence of meiotic inhibitors on their subsequent meiotic and developmental competence. Oocytes were matured immediately after recovery (control) or were held in a mixture of 40%(More)
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