Håkan Alm

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The effects of a mobile telephone task on young and elderly drivers' choice reaction time, headway, lateral position, and workload were studied when the subjects were driving in a car-following situation, in the VTI driving simulator. It was found that a mobile telephone task had a negative effect upon the drivers' choice reaction time, and that the effect(More)
The effects of a mobile telephone task on drivers' reaction time, lane position, speed level, and workload were studied in two driving conditions (an easy or rather straight versus a hard or very curvy route). It was predicted that the mobile telephone task would have a negative effect on drivers' reaction time, lane position, and workload and lead to a(More)
The history of mobile telecommunication in Sweden is to a large extend the history of the firm Ericsson and its relationship to the Swedish PTTs as well as to other small firms. Mobile telecommunication industry in Sweden emerged at the end of the 1970s, beginning of 1980s, under the impulsion of the Nordic PTTs which, through the creation of the NMT(More)
Education at University of Borås is internationally connected to varying degree and form. This report looks at a selection of initiatives in order to explore the past, present and future role of UB internationalization. As a basis for the review, 7 students are interviewed on their international experience in their education – exchange studies and minor(More)
1 References Abdel-Aty, M. (2003). Investigating the relationship between cellular phone use and traffic safety. An experimental study on the effect of mobile phone conversation on drivers' reaction time in braking response. (1995). The effects of a mobile telephone task on driver behaviour in a car following situation. J. (2012). Both texting and eating(More)
Based on four case studies, a new concept of " X-services "-eXtended avatar-services with integrated community driven knowledge management is introduced. The concept is demonstrated with a demonstrator eMe-x applied with a SME shopping mall and the e-service cuponline.se The basic idea is that the brokerage and filtering functions are augmented to a(More)
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