Gyuseok Cho

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Trap density (D<sub>it</sub>) was extracted for the first time in 3-D stacked NAND flash memory with the tube-type poly-Si channel structure. We verified extracted D<sub>it</sub> with conductance method and charge pumping method in 32 nm floating gate (FG) NAND flash memory device. In 3-D stacked NAND flash memory device, the D<sub>it</sub> extracted by(More)
A new read method which suppresses the effect of read current fluctuation due to random telegraph noise was proposed to reduce read error in NAND flash memory by using hysteretic characteristic. By controlling the amplitude and polarity of a word-line (WL) bias applied to the gate of a selected cell in a cell string, we can predict stochastically RTN event(More)
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