Gyungho Khim

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This paper presents the characteristic analysis and experiment of pitching moment in a high-precision permanent-magnet linear synchronous motor. The pitching moment is analyzed according to suggested strategy; therefore, analytical solutions for magnetic fields generated by PMs are derived based on the analytical magnetic field calculation in terms of a 2-D(More)
Higher productivity requires high-speed motion of machine tool axes. The iron core linear DC motor (LDM) is widely accepted as a viable candidate for high-speed machine tool feed unit. LDM, however, has two inherent disturbance force components, namely cogging and thrust force ripple. These disturbance forces directly affect the tracking accuracy of the(More)
We report a method of calculating the motion error of a linear motion bearing stage. The transfer function method, which exploits reaction forces of individual bearings, is effective for estimating motion errors; however, it requires the rail-form errors. This is not suitable for a linear motion bearing stage because obtaining the rail-form errors is not(More)
This paper proposes a new performance evaluation method of CNC units to predict the control ability of cutting process, and to localize weak points of CNC functions in complex machine tools. The proposed evaluation method is based on the eight representative torque curve patterns, which are artificially generated corresponding to real machine tools(More)
A ball bearing linear stage in high vacuum is presented. Comparing with other vacuum compatible bearing this kind of stage shows simpler design, high stiffness and lower cost which is applicable in high vacuum (&#x223C;10<sup>&#x2212;5</sup> Torr). And in order to decrease friction and surface adsorbed layer induced damping, special surface finish, DLC(More)
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