Gyula Pinke

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GIRK channels are activated by a large number of G protein-coupled receptors and regulate the electrical activity of neurons, cardiac atrial myocytes, and β-pancreatic cells. Abnormalities in GIRK channel function have been implicated in the pathophysiology of neuropathic pain, drug addiction, and cardiac arrhythmias. In the heart, GIRK channels are(More)
The weed control of sunflower is a great challenge for farmers throughout the World. In Hungary, one of the greatest concerns is the pernicious weed Ambrosia artemisiifolia, which produces allergenic pollen. The main goal of this study was to identify cultural, weed-management and environmental factors determining weed species composition and the abundance(More)
The present work is the first phytochemical investigation of Euphorbia davidii Subils. After multistep separation process, three flavonoid glycosides were obtained from the ethyl acetate soluble fraction of the methanol extract of the whole plant. The structures of the isolated compounds were determined as kaempferol 3-O-rhamnoside, myricetin(More)
The neuronal and smooth muscle effects of a methanol extract prepared from the air-dried flowering aerial parts of Sideritis montana L. (SME) was tested in vitro on Guinea-pig ileum. The chemical composition of the investigated extract was analysed by HPLC-MS, and chrysoeriol, chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid were detected as main constituents. The(More)
Of the Euphorbia dentata aggregate, both E. dentata and E. davidii have been reported from Europe. A revision of herbarium and published materials, however, indicates that only E. davidii can be confirmed in Europe. Although known in Europe since 1968, most records are from the 1990s. There are 46 known populations scattered throughout the continent, in(More)
Phytochemical investigation of the MeOH extract obtained from the aerial parts of the annual weed Euphorbia exigua L. resulted in the isolation of two novel (1, 2) and one known (3) jatrophane diterpenes. Their structures were established by extensive 1D- and 2D-NMR spectroscopy and HR-ESI-MS. The isolated compounds were evaluated for multidrug resistance(More)
Traditionally managed village yards have been disappearing from the Central-European countryside. Their lawn flora is likely to provide a unique habitat for many plants that are adapted to this environment. Composition of lawn flora was investigated in differently managed village yards (i.e., regularly mown and regularly trampled yards, poultry yards, paved(More)
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