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Voltage-dependent calcium channels are located in the plasma membrane and form a highly selective conduit by which Ca2+ ions enter all excitable cells and some nonexcitable cells. Extensive characterization studies have revealed the existence of one low (T) and five high-voltage-activated calcium channel types (L, N, P, Q, and R). The high voltage-activated(More)
Autosolvation is an important factor in stabilizing the architecture of medium complicated molecules. It is a kind of " supramolecular force " acting in intramolecular manner, consisting of orbital-orbital interactions between polar groups, separated by more than one covalent bonds within the same molecule. This effect facilitates also the development of(More)
Isotopic chirality influences sensitively the enantiomeric outcome of the Soai asymmetric autocatalysis. Therefore magnitude and eventual effects of isotopic chirality caused by natural abundance isotopic substitution (H, C, O, Zn) in the reagents of the Soai reaction were analyzed by combinatorics and probability calculations. Expectable enantiomeric(More)
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