Gyuhwan Oh

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The periodicity of a texture is one of its important visual characteristics. The inertias of co-occurrence matrices of the texture have been often used to detect the visual periodicity. However, it is time-consuming to explicitly construct these matrices. In this paper, we propose the distance matching function to avoid constructing the matrices due to our(More)
The paper covers issues of item-selling based payment model(micro-transactions) in Korean online games. Firstly, we characterize two payment models in online game: subscription based payment model and item-selling based payment model. We then investigate and characterize item-selling based payment model in online games and introduce two online games, " Kart(More)
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a way to control computers by using human brain waves. As the technology has improved, BCI devices have become smaller and cheaper, making it possible for more individuals to buy them. This allows BCI to be applied to new fields outside of pure research, including entertainment. We examine whether BCI devices can be used as(More)
A regular texture contains a periodic arrangement of a determinable pattern. Motifs of a regular texture are the minimal parallelogrammic sub-regions that can reproduce the texture by tiling. A motif extracted from a regular texture can be used for texture reproduction, texture recognition, and texture compression. However, it is not simple to accurately(More)
A texture is said to have a symmetry if there is a transformation such that the texture before transformation is matched with that after transformation on their overlapping region. Particularly, when such a transformation preserves distance, it is called an isometry. There are four kinds of isometries in the plane: translation, reflection, rotation and(More)
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