Gyu-Yeol Kim

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Although genetic factors are a well-known cause of colorectal cancer, environmental factors contribute more to its development. Despite advances in the fields of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the cure rates for colon cancer have not substantially improved over the past few decades. Capsaicin (trans-8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide), the principal(More)
This paper suggests a novel efficient interconnect failure diagnosis method, which is dubbed as “time of propagation delay pass fail (TPDPF),” employing time domain reflectometry (TDR). The proposed TPDPF has been applied to diagnose the interconnect failures in a high parallelism probe card with the TDR function of automatic test equipment(More)
This paper presents Needle Auto Calibration (NAC) probing technique to measure the electrical characteristics of Probecard for wafer-level test. Probecard needle alignment and probing tasks, which are generally known to be hard and time-consuming, can be done easily through automatic Probecard aligning function of NAC. The inaccuracy problem during(More)
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