Gyu-Hyeok Jeong

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In this paper, an improved wavelet compression algorithm is proposed for electrocardiogram (ECG) signals which is combined with the lifting wavelet transform (WT) and the dynamic multi-stage vector quantization (MS-VQ). The lifting wavelet transformed coefficients in a hierarchical tree order are taken as the components of a vector called a tree vector(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel self-routed wavelength-addressable switching network (SWANET) that provides wavelength-transparent optical data paths between end-points, conng-ured by wavelength-coded optical signals. The network is based on a new scheme for encoding destination addresses using a sequence of wavelengths. This allows large networks to be(More)
A novel hybrid harmonic/CELP scheme for bandwidth scalable wideband codec is proposed that utilizes a band-split technique, where the low-band (0-4 kHz) is critically subsampled and coded using 11.8 kbps G.729E. The high-band signal is divided into stationary mode (SM) and non-stationary mode (NSM) components based on its unique characteristics. In the SM(More)
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