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Long phase coherence time and number squeezing of two Bose-Einstein condensates on an atom chip.
A rotationally sensitive (Sagnac) geometry for a guided atom interferometer by propagating the split condensates is demonstrated and enhanced coherence time is attributed to number squeezing of the initial state.
Itinerant Ferromagnetism in a Fermi Gas of Ultracold Atoms
The observation of nonmonotonic behavior of lifetime, kinetic energy, and size for increasing repulsive interactions provides strong evidence for a phase transition to a ferromagnetic state, and the observations imply that itinerant ferromagnetism of delocalized fermions is possible without lattice and band structure.
Ultracold atoms in a tunable optical kagome lattice.
The lattices implemented in this work offer a near-ideal realization of a paradigmatic model of many-body quantum physics, which can serve as a platform for future studies of geometric frustration.
All-optical neural network with nonlinear activation functions
All optical neural networks (AONNs), in which linear operations are programmed by spatial light modulators and Fourier lenses, and optical nonlinear activation functions are realized with electromagnetically induced transparency in laser-cooled atoms are proposed and demonstrated.
Trapping of ultracold atoms in a hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
Ultracold sodium atoms have been trapped inside a hollow-core optical fiber. The atoms are transferred from a free-space optical dipole trap into a trap formed by a red-detuned Gaussian light mode
Interference of Bose-Einstein condensates split with an atom chip
We have used a microfabricated atom chip to split a single Bose-Einstein condensate of sodium atoms into two spatially separated condensates. Dynamical splitting was achieved by deforming the trap
Phase-sensitive recombination of two bose-einstein condensates on an atom chip.
The recombination of two split Bose-Einsteincondensates on an atom chip is shown to result in heating which depends on the relative phase of the two condensates, which provides a robust way to read out the phase of an atom interferometer without the need for ballistic expansion.
Long-time-scale dynamics of spin textures in a degenerate F=1 87 Rb spinor Bose gas
We investigate the long-term dynamics of spin textures prepared by cooling unmagnetized spinor gases of F=1 {sup 87}Rb to quantum degeneracy, observing domain coarsening and a strong dependence of
Recent advances in spin-orbit coupled quantum gases
Matter-wave interferometry with phase fluctuating Bose-Einstein condensates.
It is demonstrated that atom interferometers using longated Bose-Einstein condensates are robust against phase fluctuations; i.e., the relative phase of the split condensate is reproducible despite axial phase fluctuations.