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UNLABELLED nanoScan is a high-resolution integrated system for consecutive PET and MR imaging of small laboratory animals. We evaluated the performance of the system, using the NEMA NU 4-2008 protocol for the PET component and the NEMA MS 1-2007, MS 2-2008, and MS 3-2007 standards for the MR imaging component. METHODS The imaging system uses magnetically(More)
The speed, bandwidth and cost characteristics of today's PC graphics cards make them an attractive target as general purpose computational platforms. High performance can be achieved also for lattice simulations but the actual implementation can be cumbersome. This paper outlines the architecture and programming model of modern graphics cards for the(More)
We perform dynamical QCD simulations with n f = 2 overlap fermions by hybrid Monte-Carlo method on 6 4 to 8 3 × 16 lattices. We study the problem of topolog-ical sector changing. A new method is proposed which works without topological sector changes. We use this new method to determine the topological susceptibility at various quark masses.
We present an N t = 4 lattice study for the equation of state of 2 + 1 flavour staggered, dynamical QCD at finite temperature and chemical potential. We use the overlap improving multi-parameter reweighting technique to extend the equation of state for non-vanishing chemical potentials. The results are obtained on the line of constant physics and our(More)
We calculate the pressure (p), the energy density (ǫ) and the baryon density (nB) of QCD at finite temperatures (T) and chemical potentials (µ). The recently proposed overlap improving multi-parameter reweighting technique is used to determine observables at nonvanishing chemical potentials. Our results are obtained by studying n f =2+1 dynamical staggered(More)
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