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A 20 × 20 pixel pressure sensor array based on a printed active-matrix single-wall carbon-nanotube thin-film transistor backplane is presented. Using a gravure printing process that is compatible with fully printed large-area roll-to-roll processing, a 97% device yield is obtained on the 400-transistor backplane. As a proof of concept, pressure sensors are(More)
This paper presents a rapid and sensitive mediator-free glucose biosensor based on microwave resonator implemented using circularly folded T-shaped uniform impedance resonators, screen printed on flexible polyethylene substrate. As a result of high-Q factor of 160, the proposed glucose biosensor features high sensitivity and ultralow detection limit of 71(More)
Fully printed transistors are a key component of ubiquitous flexible electronics. In this work, the advantages of an inverse gravure printing technique and the solution processing of semiconductor-enriched single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are combined to fabricate fully printed thin-film transistors on mechanically flexible substrates. The fully(More)
We have recently reported phospholipid bicelles (bilayered micelles) that have positive anisotropy of the magnetic susceptibility and align with their normals parallel to an external magnetic field [J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2001, 123, 1537]. Improvements have been made via the synthesis of a new phospholipid,(More)
Wireless power transmission to inexpensive and disposable smart electronic devices is one of the key issues for the realization of a ubiquitous society where sensor networks such as RFID tags, price tags, smart logos, signage and sensors could be fully interconnected and utilized by DC power of less than 0.3 W. This DC power can be provided by inductively(More)
A disposable cyclic voltammetry (CV) tag is printed on a plastic film by integrating wireless power transmitter, polarized triangle wave generator, electrochemical cell and signage through a scalable gravure printing method. By proximity of 13.56 MHz RF reader, the printed CV tag generates 320 mHz of triangular sweep wave from +500 mV to -500 mV which(More)
Roll-to-roll (R2R) gravure is considered one of the highest throughput tools for manufacturing inexpensive and flexible ubiquitous IT devices called "smart packaging" in which NFC (near-field communication) transponder, sensors, ADC (analog-to-digital converter), simple processor and signage are all integrated on paper or plastic foils. In this review, we(More)
| This paper addresses the key issues that must be overcome to realize fully printed TFT-based flexible devices via commercially viable methods. In particular the threshold voltage (Vth) variation in printed TFTs is a serious impediment to the successful launch of fully printed TFT-based devices in the market. The underlying causes of the Vth variation in(More)
Integration of sensing capabilities with an interactive signage through wireless communication is enabling the development of smart packaging wherein wireless (13.56 MHz) power transmission is used to interlock the smart packaging with a wireless (13.56 MHz) reader or a smart phone. Assembly of the necessary componentry for smart packaging on plastic or(More)