Gyorgy Paal

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cerebral aneurysms are preferentially located at arterial curvatures and bifurcations that are exposed to major hemodynamic forces, increasingly implicated in the life cycle of aneurysms. By observing the natural history of aneurysm formation from its preaneurysm state, we aimed to examine the hemodynamic microenvironment related to(More)
INTRODUCTION This study was performed to assess the effect of aneurysm geometry on parameters that may have an impact on the natural history of intracranial aneurysms, such as intraaneurysmal flow pressure and shear stress. METHODS Flow was simulated in 21 randomly selected aneurysms using finite volume modeling. Ten aneurysms were classified as side-wall(More)
The case history is presented of a patient with multiple sclerosis who developed acute polyradiculoneuritis 11 days after subcutaneous implantation of a swine brain preparation. By means of lymphocyte transformation tests (LTT), sensitization against brain gangliosides could be demonstrated 16 days after the implantation. A second patient who underwent the(More)
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