Gyorgy Kozmann

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Within-group variability of body surface potential maps was assessed on data from 685 carefully validated normal subjects (348 men and 337 women). Sources of within-group variability were evaluated by subgrouping maps by patient sex, age, height, and weight. Contribution of reproducibility error to total variance was assessed in a separate group of 52(More)
A nonparametric method, based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) test was used to detect significant differences between classes of body surface maps (BSPM's). By systematic application of the method throughout the cardiac cycle, discriminative spatio-temporal information can be identified. In a second method, a Sebestyen linear transformation (SLT) was(More)
Synchronous brain activity in motor cortex in perception or in complex cognitive processing has been the subject of several studies. The advanced analysis of cerebral electro-physiological activity during the course of planning (PRE) or execution of movement (EXE) in a high temporal resolution could reveal interesting information about the brain functional(More)
Quantitative description of biomechanical behaviour of the blood vessel wall is needed for understanding normal and pathologic functions of the vascular system. In this study we investigated the stress relaxation of blood vessels. Strips were cut from the vessel wall and they were stretched in a stepwise manner until they tore. The mechanical stress(More)
This paper presents empirically determined guidelines for specifying the number of features appropriate for multivariate classification studies for given sample sizes. Sample size was considered adequate if the mean distance between two sample sets, taken from the same continuous multivariate distribution and projected onto the best separating direction,(More)
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