Gyorgy Horvath

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About 3000 microorganisms (bacteria, Actinomyces, Zygomyces, Deuteromyces) were screened for their capacity to convert mevinolin. Absidia coerulea IDR 705 was found to produce two hydroxylated derivatives of mevinolin, 2 and 3. Compound 2 is a new transformation product while compound 3 was described as a chemical modification product of mevinolin. By(More)
The light-induced absorbance change at 518 nm of isolated chloroplasts consists of a rapid phase, and a slow phase which is complete in about 20 sec. The slow component of the 518 nm absorbance change correlates with the light-induced change in 90 degrees light scattering at 518 nm. Both show a similar time course, similar pH dependence with a maximum at pH(More)
From the cultural broth of a Micromonospora species 25 aminocyclitol antibiotics were isolated by repeated ion-exchange chromatographic processes. The main components of the metabolites were identified as gentamicin C1, C2, and C1a. The other previously reported gentamicin type antibiotics and some other degradation products including gentamicin A, B, B1,(More)
A subset X of a lattice L with 0 is called CDW-independent if (1) it is CD-X the inequality x ≤ y 1 ∨· · ·∨yn implies x ≤ y i for some i. A maximal CDW-independent subset is called a CDW-basis. With combinatorial examples and motivations in the background, the present paper points out that any two CDW-bases of a finite distributive lattice have the same(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate cancer patients' experiences of their first visit to a cancer clinic. Nine patients with various cancer diagnoses about to receive curative cancer treatment were interviewed after their first visit to the clinic. A qualitative research approach based on Grounded Theory was used throughout the research process.(More)
The genetically modified Mycobacterium sp. BCS 396 strain has been used to transform sterols with stigmastane side chain in order to obtain 26-oxidized metabolites. beta-Sitosterol (I) was transformed to 4-stigmasten-3-one (II), 26-hydroxy-4-stigmasten-3-one (III), and 3-oxo-4-stigmasten-26-oic acid (IV), while stigmasterol (V) was converted to(More)
As an analogue of pyridazino-fused ring systems with pharmacological activities, the novel pyridazinol[3,4-b][1,5]diazepine ring system was prepared. The synthetic pathway includes three steps from 4 5-(N-benzyl-N-3-hydroxypropyl)amino derivative which is easily available through nucleophilic substitution reaction of the known(More)