Gyoo Gun Lim

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Systems for identifying and managing digital objects are becoming essential for digital content providers as the growth of the digital content market accelerates. Not much research has been done to examine the successful adoption of digital object identifier systems. This study examines the success factors for the adoption of digital object identifier(More)
Comparison shopping allows customers to reduce time and effort when searching for product information and prices. However, traditional comparison sites mainly compare product prices without using precise information on delivery cost. To overcome this limitation, we adopted a rule-based comparison shopping framework using the eXtensible Rule Markup Language(More)
This study investigates the effects of IT service failures on market values of companies that announce their IT service failures. To measure the effects of IT service failures on stock prices of the responsible companies, we examine the stock price changes before and after IT service failure announcements. The results show that the stock price reactions to(More)
Comparison shopping is one of the important ingredients in electronic commerce, because it saves time and efforts of searching for product information and costs. However, most shopping malls still rely on the simple data such as price and other descriptive specifications, and cannot support the services of comparing the exact cost which requires rule based(More)
This research explores the concepts of information systems and information technology competence of a firm. For the study, three different research methods were employed for triangulation purpose: literature review, survey, and interview. Findings indicate that IS/IT-competent firms are to have two capabilities in parallel: IT capabilities and business(More)