Gye-Young Kim

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Rationale: Previous studies indicate that chronic food restriction augments the rewarding and motor-activating effects of diverse drugs of abuse. The drugs that have so far proved susceptible to the augmenting effect of food restriction all increase synaptic concentrations of dopamine (DA). It is not known whether behavioral effects of selective, direct DA(More)
Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) is a presentative protocol which supports global IP mobility. MIPv6 causes a long handover latency that a mobile node (MN) doesnpsilat send or receive packets. This latency can be reduced by using Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6). PMIPv6 is a protocol which network supports IP mobility without participation of the MN, and is studied in(More)
Rationale: Chronic food restriction augments the self-administration and locomotor stimulating effects of opiates, psychostimulants and NMDA antagonists. The extent to which these effects can be attributed to changes in drug pharmacokinetics and bioavailability versus sensitivity of the neuronal circuits that mediate the affected behavioral functions, has(More)
We present a newly developed algorithm for automatically segmenting videos into basic shot units. A basic shot unit can be understood as an unbroken sequence of frames taken from one camera. At first we calculate the frame difference by using the local histogram comparison, and then we dynamically scale the frame difference by Log-formula to compress and(More)
Mobile IP ensures the seamless IP connectivity while roaming but it also introduce deficiencies in terms of processing overhead. Proxy mobile IP (PMIP) has been proposed to solve the challenge of IP mobility. Network-based mobility support removes the involvement of mobile node (MN) by introducing new mobility entities, local management anchor (LMA) and(More)
This paper proposes a method of effectively segmenting text areas that exist in images by using the texture features of various types of input images obtained in social multimedia networks with an artificial neural network. The proposed text segmentation method consists of four main steps: a step for extracting candidate text areas, a step for localizing(More)
Rationale: Numerous forms of evidence support a functional association between drug-seeking and ingestive behavior. One example is the augmentation of rewarding and cellular-activating effects of abused drugs by chronic food restriction. Within the past several years, a variety of orexigenic and anorexigenic neuropeptides that mediate adaptive responses to(More)