Gye-Young Kim

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In this paper, we propose an affine parameter estimation algorithm from block motion vectors for extracting accurate motion information with the assumption that the undergoing motion can be characterized by an affine model. The motion may be caused either by a moving camera or a moving object. The proposed method first extracts motion vectors from a(More)
We present a newly developed algorithm for automatically segmenting videos into basic shot units. A basic shot unit can be understood as an unbroken sequence of frames taken from one camera. At first we calculate the frame difference by using the local histogram comparison, and then we dynamically scale the frame difference by Log-formula to compress and(More)
RATIONALE Numerous forms of evidence support a functional association between drug-seeking and ingestive behavior. One example is the augmentation of rewarding and cellular-activating effects of abused drugs by chronic food restriction. Within the past several years, a variety of orexigenic and anorexigenic neuropeptides that mediate adaptive responses to(More)