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Internal party democracy in former rebel parties
Intraparty democracy is considered an important feature of former rebel movements’ adaptation to democracy more generally. What conditions intraparty democracy in former rebel parties? This articleExpand
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In whose interests? Former rebel parties and ex-combatant interest group mobilisation in Aceh and East Timor
Abstract An important factor shaping rebel-to-party transformations and post-conflict party governance pertains to how these groups relate to their former rank and file. While drawing on veterans ofExpand
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Rebels and Aid in the Context of Peacebuilding and Humanitarian Disaster: A Comparison of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE)
Development aid and humanitarian assistance are increasingly subject to conditionalities aimed to secure progress in peace talks and curb rebel predatory behaviour. Comparing how Free Aceh MovementExpand
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Understanding armed groups and party politics
Abstract Political parties with an armed history are not unusual, yet how these groups function in politics after the transition has largely been ignored. This special issue examines armed groups inExpand
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Civic Engagement and Democracy in Post-Suharto Indonesia: a Review of Musrenbang, the Kecamatan Development Programme, and Labour Organising
Drawing attention to the wider literature on the linkages between civic engagement and democracy, this paper starts off by asking the question whether civic engagement beyond formal politics actuallyExpand
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From secessionism to regionalism : intra-organizational change and ideological moderation within armed secessionist movements
Abstract Secessionist movements rarely succeed in their quests for separate statehood. Hence, conflict resolution efforts in secessionist wars tend to focus on making autonomy frameworks acceptableExpand
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Conflict Resolution and Democratisation in the Aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami: A Comparative Study of Aceh and Sri Lanka
The earthquake off the west coast of Sumatra on 26 December 2004 unleashed a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that affected more than a dozen countries throughout South and Southeast Asia and stretched asExpand
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