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We have investigated the impact of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations that were frequently identified among Hungarian high-risk breast-ovarian cancer families (Ramus et al., 1997b, AJHG), on the development of breast and ovarian cancer in the general Hungarian population. The prevalence of 3 BRCA1 mutations (185delAG, 300T-->G and 5382insC) and 2 BRCA2 mutations(More)
Seven aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC) were treated with the hormone calcitonin. Six of the cysts, which were hypovascular responded well to the calcitonin administered directly into the cyst. Ossification and rebuilding of the ABC occurred after some months in every case. One hypervascularized ABC, however, failed to respond either to embolotherapy or to the(More)
One hundred ninety patients with germ cell line testicular tumours were treated according to the modified Einhorn scheme. The response rate was 67.9%. The most favourable results were found in the embryonal histologic type (RR = 76.9%) in the biological markers (beta-HCG and AFP) negative (RR = 97.4%) and in the minimal pulmonary extent group (RR = 94.1%).(More)
Between 1965 and 1987 the authors studied the survival of 169 patients (130 females, 39 males) suffering from follicular thyroid cancer. It is established that the factors favorably influencing the course of the disease are as follows: age below 40 years, female sex, tumor location inside the thyroid capsule. Radical surgery does not affect the survival,(More)
Detailed radiological examinations were undertaken in six cases of hamartochondromas verified by histopathology on surgical samples. It has been shown that examination of lung hamartochondromas by computer tomography provides a good approach for separation of different tissues constructing hamartochondromas. Thus cartilage, lose and dense and mixed forms of(More)
In 22 cases of the 510 patients underwent surgery and followed up because of colorectal cancer, only pulmonary metastases were found. General problems in the surgery of pulmonary metastases are discussed and the possibilities and the expected results of the surgical therapy of pulmonary metastases in colorectal patients are analysed in details on the base(More)
The authors briefly summarize the most important characteristics of the female breast tuberculosis. They base their data on 7 histologically verified cases as well as on 2 other cases which, in view of the course of disease, were suspected to be breast tuberculosis. The various courses of disease as well as the difficulties in its differential diagnostic(More)
The authors present the results of breast examinations in 201 female patients controlled by cytology and histology. Based on their results obtained by an AGA 680 type infrared thermography, their conclusion was that the method is primarily suitable for the examination of biological thermogenesis, one of the functional characteristics of tumours. Some T1(More)