György Rákosi

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This paper discusses the construction of a parallel treebank currently involving ten languages from six language families. The treebank is based on deep LFG (LexicalFunctional Grammar) grammars that were developed within the framework of the ParGram (Parallel Grammar) effort. The grammars produce output that is maximally parallelized across languages and(More)
The so-called circumstantial PPs (instruments, benefactives, and the like) have traditionally been analyzed in terms of thematic roles, but it is generally recognized that they have a special syntactic status. In this paper, I argue that they can systematically be treated as adjuncts that bear a thematic role. I substantiate this claim through a case study(More)
It is a well-known typological universal that long distance reflexives are generally monomorphemic and complex reflexives tend to be licensed only locally. I argue in this paper that the Hungarian body part reflexive maga ‘himself’ and its more complex counterpart önmaga ‘himself, his own self’ represent a non-isolated pattern that adds a new dimension to(More)
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