György Pethes

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Eighty-six cows were assigned to two equal groups with group A fed according to National Research Council recommendations for total digestible nutrients for the 8 wk before parturition and group B was fed 21% higher energy in the first 6 wk and 15% higher in the last 2 preparturient wk. Thyroxine in blood serum decreased in both groups 14 days before and on(More)
Plasma progesterone (PROG), testosterone (TEST), oestrone (E1) and 17 beta-oestradiole (E2) concentrations were determined in collared doves living under natural conditions in young as well as sexually inactive animals further in different phases of the reproduction cycle; measurements were made by radioimmunoassay following Sephadex LH 20 chromatography.(More)
The concentrations of progesterone, testosterone, oestrone, oestradiol, thyroxine (T4) and tri-iodothyronine (T3) in the plasma of 8-week-old female Japanese quail exposed to short (6 h light: 18 h darkness; 6L:18D) and long (18L:6D) photoperiods were determined by radioimmunoassay after ovariectomy, thyroidectomy and treatment with T4. In birds exposed to(More)
Changes in the IgG concentration in the colostrum from separate teats of 6 sows and those in the sera of their 38 piglets were investigated. Colostrum was frequently sampled from parturition to 120 hours and blood was taken from the piglets from birth to 10 weeks of age. The IgG content of the colostrum decreased to 3.2% of the original concentration at the(More)