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Retrospective analysis of third trimester intrauterine deaths has been performed at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology University Medical School Debrecen, Hungary. Among 32,126 deliveries between 1988 and 1997 retrospectively 163 intrauterine deaths occurred in the third trimester. Cases were analysed on the basis of the Nordic-Baltic Perinatal(More)
A systematic conformational search was carried out for monomers and homohexamers of furanoid β-amino acids: cis-(S,R) and trans-(S,S) stereoisomers of aminocyclopentane carboxylic acid (ACPC), two different aminofuranuronic acids (AFUα and AFUβ), their isopropylidene derivatives (AFU(ip)), and the key intermediate β-aminotetrahydrofurancarboxylic acid(More)
A set of representative DFT and wavefunction based theoretical approaches have been used to study ionization potentials and, predominantly, electronic charge transfer transitions in the complexes formed between TCNE as an electron acceptor and both mono and bicyclic thioamides as donors. The mentioned thioamides are of pharmacological importance due to(More)
Pain relieving effect of epidurally given epinephrine-morphine-bupivacaine drug combination was studied in 50 primiparous women during labour. The double-blind, randomised clinical evaluation showed that the components of our drug combination act synergistically. The total dose and the mg min-1 dose of bupivacaine was significantly less following(More)
The geometric and electronic structure of donor-acceptor complexes of TCNE with aniline, o-, m- and p- aminopyridines and pyridine has been studied in gas phase and in solution using CC2, TDDFT and CIS methods. Concerning interaction energy between particular donor and TCNE acceptor it is fairly described by both CC2 (MP2) and DFT-D approaches. Transition(More)
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