Gwyneth Bradbury

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Image-pairs captured from a rig of two, carefully arranged cameras are increasingly used to reconstruct partial 3D information. A crucial step in this reconstruction is the matching of points in the two images that are projections of the same 3D point through each camera. Despite receiving much attention, algorithms to match correspondencing points in(More)
Authoring virtual terrains can be a challenging task. Procedural and stochastic methods for automated terrain generation produce plausible results but lack intuitive control of the terrain features, while data driven methods offer more creative control at the cost of a limited feature set, higher storage requirements and blending artefacts. Moreover,(More)
We investigate the advantages of a stereo, multi-spectral acquisition system for material classification in ground-level landscape images. Our novel system allows us to acquire high-resolution, multi-spectral stereo pairs using commodity photographic equipment. Given additional spectral information we obtain better classification of vegetation classes than(More)
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