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The green fluorescent protein (GFP) of Aequorea victoria has been developed here as a reporter for gene expression and protein localization in Candida albicans. When wild-type (wt) GFP was expressed in C. albicans, it was not possible to detect fluorescence or a translation product for the wt protein. Since this was probably due in part to the presence of(More)
The pathogen Candida albicans responds to amino acid starvation by activating pseudohyphal development and the expression of amino acid biosynthetic genes (GCN response). In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the GCN response is dependent on Gcn2, which regulates the translation of the transcription factor Gcn4. Therefore, we examined the role of Gcn2 in C. albicans(More)
Global analysis of the molecular responses of microbial pathogens to their mammalian hosts represents a major challenge. To date few microarray studies have been performed on Candida albicans cells derived from infected tissues. In this study we examined the C. albicans SC5314 transcriptome from renal infections in the rabbit. Genes involved in adhesion,(More)
The intracellular distribution of potassium in Malpighian tubules from Drosophila larva was measured by electron probe X-ray microanalysis of freeze-dried cryosections. Application of amiloride alone to the haemolymph space had no effect on the intracellular potassium concentration in the region of intermediate cytoplasm (between the basal region of basal(More)
The literature identifies that mental health services and those individuals working within them have the potential to facilitate inclusion for their client group, because of their power to initiate potential inclusive opportunities. However, evidence suggests that service users themselves perceive many aspects of mental health services as contributing to(More)
A narrative-discourse analysis was conducted to study the narratives of mental health service users talking about their engagement with art. The sample was drawn from a group of people who had attended arts workshops organized by a mental health service provider. Eleven people were interviewed and were asked to tell the story of their involvement in art and(More)
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