Gwon Uk Jang

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[Purpose] The aim of this study was to evaluate the structural deformity of the foot joint on the affected side in hemiplegic patients to examine factors that affect this kind of structural deformity. [Subjects and Methods] Thirty-one hemiplegic patients and 32 normal adults participated. The foot posture index (FPI) was used to examine the shape of the(More)
[Purpose] It is well-known that the muscles of spinal stability also play roles in respiration. The spinal stability muscles are divided into two subgroups, the local muscle group and the global muscle group. Appropriately coordinated activation of muscle groups are recommended for more efficient spinal stability. The indirect method of measuring(More)
[Purpose] Hemiplegia occurs when posturing with a dominant flexor tone is present in the upper limbs, thus preventing increased abnormal tone. We attempted to improve the side effects of this condition using elbow re-positioning with non-elastic tape; this method is used to modulate abnormal muscle tone in chronic hemiplegic stroke patients. [Subjects and(More)
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