Gwo-Liang Chen

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The quality of automated gene prediction in microbial organisms has improved steadily over the past decade, but there is still room for improvement. Increasing the number of correct identifications, both of genes and of the translation initiation sites for each gene, and reducing the overall number of false positives, are all desirable goals. With our years(More)
893 respective quality scores and the details of the software and parameters used in study are available at our website (Supplementary Table 1). We have also sequenced the genome of an acetate-tolerant strain derived from Z. mobilis ZM4 ATCC31821 that was selected in another geographically separated laboratory7 and report 454 pyrosequencing and Sanger(More)
MOTIVATION Prokaryotic genome annotation has been focused mainly on identifying all genes and their protein functions. However, <30% of the prokaryotic genomes submitted to GenBank contain partial repeat features of specific types and none of the genomes contain complete repeat annotations. Deciphering all repeats in DNA sequences is an important and open(More)
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