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The Duboisia hybrid (D. leichhardtii x D. myoporoides) was regenerated from callus derived from shoot tips and young seeds on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium containing 54μM 1-naphthalenacetic acid (NAA) and 1μM 6-benzylaminopurine (BA). Callus derived from young seeds was superior to shoot tip callus. Buds were induced from callus on MS medium supplemented(More)
The three dimensional structure of calcium-bound domain VI of porcine calpain has been determined to 1.9 A resolution. The crystal structure reveals five EF-hands, one more than previously suggested. There are two EF-hand pairs, one pair (EF1-EF2) displays an 'open' conformation and the other (EF3-EF4) a 'closed' conformation. Unusually, a calcium atom is(More)
Constructing a bivariate distribution with specific marginals and correlation has been a challenging problem since 1930s. In this survey we shall focus on the recent developments on the FGM-related distributions, including Sarmanov and Lee’s distributions, Baker’s distributions and Bayramoglu’s distributions. This complements the most recent works of (i)(More)
The Lys fragment of mung bean trypsin inhibitor can combine with bovine trypsin to form a complex at an equal molar ratio. The single crystals of the complex were obtained by using the micro-still-setting method and the X-ray diffraction extended to 1.8A resolution. Its space group is P212121 with cell dimensions a = 62.9(1)A, b = 63.4(1)A and c = 69.7(More)