Gwladys Mathieu

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A participatory network was set up to study tree phenology in the Western Alps. We used data collected in 2006 and 2007 on birch, ash, hazel, spruce and larch to assess how local air temperature, altitude and other topographic variables influenced dates of budburst and leaf unfolding. Altitude was, as expected, a main predictor variable of budburst and(More)
This paper aims at describing numerical methods developed within the Melodie code to perform 3D saturated flow and transport calculations in the framework of radioactive waste geological repository. The diffusive type terms are discretised by a standard finite-element method and the convective term is treated with a Godunov-type finite-volume approach. The(More)
Several radioisotopes of the naturally occurring uranium and thorium decay series, in addition to fallout plutonium, have unusually high concentrations in the water column of Mono Lake, a natural alkaline, saline lake. Complexing by carbonate ions appears to be responsible for the enhanced solubility of actinide elements with oxidation states of IV to VI.(More)
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