Gwendolyn M. Bennett

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We examined the ability of 150-166 undergraduate students to assign four negative emotions (sadness, fear, disgust, and anger) to five sets of emotion expression stimuli: a standard of face photographs expressing basic emotions, faces that were morphs of standards for these emotions, a special set of faces that was designed to detect different components of(More)
DNA double-strand break repair is essential for maintenance of genome stability. Recent work has implicated a host of chromatin regulators in the DNA-damage response, and although several functional roles have been defined, the mechanisms that control their recruitment to DNA lesions remain unclear. Here we find that efficient double-strand break(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss issues relevant to treating young African American children with disruptive behavior disorders. METHOD We treat behavior disorders, correlates of behavior disorders, and special differences between African American and Caucasian children that could lead to or explain behavior problems. DISCUSSION The majority of the information on(More)
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