Gwendolyn J. McGinnis

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Macrophages can be polarized into classically (CAM) or alternatively (AAM) activated macrophages with IFN-γ or IL-4, respectively. CAM are associated with type 1 immune responses and are implicated in autoimmunity; AAM are associated with type 2 responses and are implicated in allergic diseases. An impediment in investigating macrophage biology using(More)
Memory Island and the Novel-Image Novel-Location are recently developed measures of spatial learning and recognition-memory modeled after the Morris water maze and the novel object-recognition tests. The goal of this study was to characterize how sex, age, and handedness contribute to Memory Island and Novel-Image Novel-Location performance. Volunteers(More)
Mice deficient in apoE (Apoe-/-) can be used to assess the potential role of apoE in the effects of cranial irradiation on hippocampal function. Radiation-induced impairments in hippocampal function may be more pronounced in female Apoe-/- mice and more pronounced in mice irradiated and tested cognitively later in life. To assess this possibility, female(More)
Across species, diversity at the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) is critical to disease resistance and population health; however, use of MHC diversity to quantify the genetic health of populations has been hampered by the extreme variation found in MHC genes. Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology generates sufficient data to genotype even the(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer patients often report behavioral and cognitive changes following cancer treatment. These effects can be seen in patients who have not yet received treatment or have received only peripheral (non-brain) irradiation. Novel treatments combining radiotherapy (RT) and immunotherapy (IT) demonstrate remarkable efficacy with respect to tumor(More)
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