Gwendolyn Hummel

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In the present study of nutrition control of Wistar white rats, the ultrastructure of cerebellar Purkinje cells was studied after chronic ethanol exposure and a subsequent period of prolonged abstinence: a qualitative investigation of the perikarya of Purkinje cells was performed in age-matched controls (group A) and rats alcohol-fed for 5 months and(More)
The aim of this prospective clinical study was to evaluate the location of paravertebral catheters that were placed using the classical landmark puncture technique and to correlate the distribution of contrast dye injected through the catheters with the extent of somatic block. Paravertebral catheter placement was attempted in 31 patients after(More)
Fifty-seven digits in 18 hands of 14 patients with rheumatoid disease were retrospectively evaluated after surgical correction of swan-neck deformity. Release of each hyperextension deformity was done via a previously described lateral band mobilization technique with temporary pin fixation of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint and primary skin(More)
Twenty-six cases of waterskiing-related injuries, including four deaths, were studied and the case histories classified into four categories. Injury was caused by a fall into unobstructed water, by boat propeller blades, by collisions with obstacles or a boat, and by the tow rope. Injuries sustained in falls were comparable to trauma seen in vigorous(More)
Twelve surgically removed human kidneys (mainly tumor kidneys) were investigated. The investigations comprised perfusion criteria (perfusion flow, perfusion pressure, perfusion resistance, electrolyte equilibration). During perfusion of the kidneys with HTK solution, the perfusion resistance was nearly three times as high in human kidneys as in canine(More)
Based upon macroscopic and light microscopic examinations the development of the superior colliculus of bovine embryos and fetuses with crown-rump lengths (CRL) ranging from 0.8 to 90.0 cm was studied. Macroscopically, the mesencephalon can be recognized for the first time at 0.8 cm CRL, whereas the superior colliculus can be clearly differentiated in(More)
This paper reports on the first demonstration of an ultra-high resolution (~371 pW/Hz1/2) uncooled infrared (IR) detector based on a high frequency (136 MHz) Aluminum Nitride (AlN) piezoelectric resonant micro-plate completely released from the substrate and supported by two nanoscale Platinum (Pt) anchors. For the first time, fully metallic tethers were(More)
The cytogenesis of motor neurons of the immature brain stem of the bovine has been examined by light-and electron microscopy from the periods of origin and migration of the motor neurons until their transformation into relatively mature neurons in their area of destination. Up to 2.7 cm CRL intensive cell migration occurs from the ventromedial cell column(More)
The early development, cell-migration and cell-differentiation of the nucleus motorius nervi facialis were studied in 32 bovine embryos with a CRL of 1 to 53 cm by light microscopical techniques. The ventro-medial cell column, a transitory embryonic formation, can be regarded as the origin of the nucleus. From there migrating cells can be demonstrated up to(More)