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Generation of strain using light is a key issue for future development of ultrasonic devices. Up to now, photo-induced GHz-THz acoustic phonons have been mainly explored in metals and semiconductors, and in artificial nanostructures to enhance their phononic emission. However, despite their inherent strong polarization (providing natural asymmetry) and(More)
Revealing defects and inhomogeneities of physical and chemical properties beneath a surface or an interface with in-depth nanometric resolution plays a pivotal role for a high degree of reliability in nanomanufacturing processes and in materials science more generally. (1, 2) Nanoscale noncontact depth profiling of mechanical and optical properties of(More)
The ability to generate efficient giga-terahertz coherent acoustic phonons with femtosecond laser makes acousto-optics a promising candidate for ultrafast light processing, which faces electronic device limits intrinsic to complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology. Modern acousto-optic devices, including optical mode conversion process between(More)
We have developed a high-sensitivity, low-noise femtosecond imaging technique based on pump-probe time-resolved measurements with a standard CCD camera. The approach used in the experiment is based on lock-in acquisitions of images generated by a femtosecond laser probe synchronized to modulation of a femtosecond laser pump at the same rate. This technique(More)
Understanding and controlling vibrations in condensed matter is emerging as an essential necessity both at fundamental level and for the development of a broad variety of technological applications. Intelligent design of the band structure and transport properties of phonons at the nanoscale and of their interactions with electrons and photons impact the(More)
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