Gwenael Bothorel

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In looking at the thermoregulatory responses resulting from symmetrical or asymmetrical exercise, this paper has focused on the effect of local skin temperature (T sk, local) on local sweat rates (m sw,local) during one-legged (W 1) and two-legged (W 2) exercise on an ergocycle. Five subjects underwent four 3-h tests at 36° C, each consisting of six 25-min(More)
Frequent itemset mining is one of the major data mining issues. Once generated by algorithms, the itemsets can be automatically processed, for instance to extract association rules. They can also be explored with visual tools, in order to analyze the emerging patterns. Graphical itemsets representation is a convenient way to obtain an overview of the global(More)
This paper presents a corpus-based study devoted to corrections, self-corrections strategies to recover errors during dialogues. The corpus used results from exercises where air-traffic controllers being formed interacts with people simulating pilots in practice. Considering correction strategies as an answer to errors, we present a fine-grained typology of(More)
The main goal of Data Mining is the research of relevant information from a huge volume of data. It is generally achieved either by automatic algorithms or by the visual exploration of data. Thanks to algorithms, an exhaustive set of patterns matching specific measures can be found. But the volume of extracted information can be greater than the volume of(More)
In the early 1990's, developers relied on hardware to make speech recognition a reality. Features desired by air-traffic controllers, such as the ability to use dynamic callsigns and compound messages, became more feasible with the advances of the technology. Hence, the introduction of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in ATC simulators can solve some(More)
Data Mining aims at researching relevant information from a huge volume of data. It can be automatic thanks to algorithms, or manual, for instance by using visual exploration tools. An algorithm finds an exhaustive set of patterns matching specific measures. But, depending on measures thresholds, the volume of extracted information can be greater than the(More)
Data Mining aims at extracting maximum of knowledge from huge databases. It is realized by an automatic process or by data visual exploration with interactive tools. Automatic data mining extracts all the patterns which match a set of metrics. The limit of such algorithms is the amount of extracted data which can be larger than the initial data volume. In(More)
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