Gwenaëlle MELCHIOR

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A growing number of studies support the hypothesis that sleep participates in the off-line processing of recent memories. However, many determinants and outcomes of memory reprocessing during sleep remain to be identified. This review provides a summary description of the main behavioural, neurophysi-ological and hemodynamic features of sleep, with a(More)
Human brain function is regionally organised during paradoxical sleep (PS) in a very different way than during wakefulness or slow wave sleep. The important activity in the pons and in the limbic/paralimbic areas constitutes the key feature of the functional neuroanatomy of PS, together with a relative quiescence of prefrontal and parietal associative(More)
Granular and flowable concentrate formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis provided a 90-100% reduction in Aedes vexans and Culex spp. larvae in natural larval habitats. A briquet formulation of B. thuringiensis was less effective, providing a 12-76% reduction. No residual activity occurred in sites treated with B. thuringiensis. Granular(More)
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