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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS T his study was the result of a team effort involving not only the research partners but also many experts, academic institutions, social service organizations and government agencies in New York State. The study partners would like to acknowledge the indispensable contributions made by many colleagues. In particular, we would like to thank(More)
The current review is an examination of home-school-community partnerships utilizing an ecological approach to understand the influences of race, culture, and social class. The ecological approach recognizes that families and schools are embedded in communities, and that these settings influence each other and the development of children. The roles of race,(More)
Keynote address: " Sweet dreams: using genome wide association methods to find genes for diabetes and obesity " Irish Travellers are a nomadic people in whom early marriage, frequent child bearing and consanguinity are cultural norms. They number 22,445, <0.5% of the Irish population, 9.6% of the 1465 patients listed at NCIMD on January 1 st 2007 were(More)
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