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Black Children, White Preference: Brown v. Board, the Doll Tests, and the Politics of Self-Esteem
In Brown v. Board of Education the Supreme Court cited psychologist Kenneth B. Clark for evidence that segregation damaged black children’s self-esteem and hampered their ability to learn. Clark andExpand
Who Is That Masked Woman? or, The Role of Gender in Fanon's Black Skin, White Masks
In Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon transposes psychoanalysis from its gender-based framework of subject formation in order to interrogate racial subjectivity in the colonial context. Though t...
Introduction: The Plantation, the Postplantation, and the Afterlives of Slavery
This special issue focuses on the plantation, the postplantation, and the afterlives of slavery to consider how we have inherited and continue to be structured by the plantation form. The essays hereExpand
Myths of the Masculine Subject: The Oedipus Complex and Douglass's 1845 Narrative
No pre-emancipation text by an African-American has enjoyed as much currency as Frederick Douglass's 1845 autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Fredeňck Douglass , An American Slave, Written byExpand
Danticat's Vodou Vernacular of Women's Human Rights
In Create Dangerously: The Immigrant Artist at Work (2011), Edwidge Danticat tells a “creation myth” of her origins as a writer. She begins with the execution in 1964 of two young men by Papa DocExpand
Zoning in on the American Tropics
If you take the transnational turn in American studies and the global turn in postcolonial studies, you might end up in the American Tropics, along with Monique Allewaert’s Ariel’s Ecology:Expand