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This article concerns the first stage of a research and development project that aimed to produce both parent and professional guidelines on the promotion and provision of informed choice for families with deaf children. It begins with a theoretical discussion of the problems associated with the concept of informed choice and deaf child services and then(More)
A diverse panel of experts convened in Bad Ischl, Austria, in June of 2012 for the purpose of coming to consensus on essential principles that guide family-centered early intervention with children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH). The consensus panel included parents, deaf professionals, early intervention program leaders, early intervention(More)
Informed choice, deaf children and families – underpinning ideas and project development. Abstract This article concerns informed choice and the provision of services for deaf children and their families. It first outlines the background to why informed choice has become such an issue of importance in the English context. It then goes on to describe the(More)
  • G Carr
  • Journal of advanced nursing
  • 1996
The intention of this study was to develop insight into how the concept of human sexuality has been addressed within a popular nursing medium, namely the publication Nursing Times, during the decade 1980-1990. The study begins by clarifying discourse analysis and its role in the social construction of language. Exploration of the use of metaphors within(More)
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