Gwangwon Kang

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CBIR makes a wide use of histogram based methods for image indexing. Histograms describe the global intensity distribution of images. They are very easy to compute and are insensitive to small changes in object translations and rotations. However, they are not robust to large appearance changes, and they might give similar results for different kinds of(More)
This paper presents an efficient image retrieval system using adaptive segmentation of hue, saturation and value (HSV) color space. We classify the image into n number of areas based on different selected ranges of hue and value, then each area is partitioned into m number of segments based on the number of pixels it contains, the area which has more pixels(More)
One of the fundamental objectives of computer vision is to reconstruct a three-dimensional (3D) structure of objects from two-dimensional (2D) images. The basic idea of image focus is that objects at different distances from a lens are focused at different distances. Shape from Focus (SFF) is the problem of reconstructing the depth of the scene changing(More)
The proposed method is based on color histogram. A new set of features are proposed for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) in this article. The selection of the features is based on histogram analysis. Standard histograms, because of their efficiency and insensitivity to small changes, are widely used for CBIR. But the main disadvantage of histograms is(More)
This paper presents a new technique for corner shape based object retrieval from a database. The proposed feature matrix consists of values obtained through a neighborhood operation of detected corners. This result in a significant small size feature matrix compared to the algorithms using color features and thus is computationally very efficient. The(More)
The paper presents a new approach for content based retrieval of images. The algorithm uses information sampled from around detected corner points in the image. A corner detection approach based on line intersections has been employed using Hough transform for line detection and then finding intersecting, near intersecting or complex shaped corners. As the(More)
The performance of image retrieval using median filtering on RGB color information was analyzed in this paper in order to design a more effective algorithm for extracting features from color images for image retrieval. We propose an image retrieval technique, which uses features obtained by indexing color information. The method uses size order and(More)