Gwangil Jeon

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Recently emerging component-based middleware technologies such as CORBA are widely believed to be a viable solution to the software complexity problem of a distributed embedded computer control system. However, general purpose middleware systems are not immediately applicable to a distributed embedded system since they should run in a platform with severe(More)
The software components of embedded control systems get extremely complex as they are designed into distributed systems consisting of a large number of inexpensive microcontrollers interconnected by low-bandwidth real-time networks such as the controller area network (CAN). While recently emerging middleware technologies such as CORBA and DCOM can partially(More)
In this paper, we present a robot middleware technology named robot software communications architecture (RSCA) for its use in networked home service robots. The RSCA provides a standard operating environment for the robot applications together with a framework that expedites the development of such applications. The operating environment is comprised of a(More)
As telematics and infotainment services are becoming more and more prevalent on the roadway, modern vehicles need to be equipped to support various wireless communication standards. The conventional ways for implementing those standards are dependent on their dedicated hardware chips, and thus in order to add a new standard or change an obsolete standard, a(More)
Femtocells are usually deployed in an indoor environment to provide in-building coverage enhancements. However, femtocells get to provide services for not only indoor users but also outdoor users in vicinity. Without the knowledge from the femtocell of whether the serviced users are located indoor or outdoor, the outdoor users are likely to experience low(More)