Gvidas Sidlauskas

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KLauS is an ASIC chip in AMS 0.35µm SiGe Technology with 12 channels. It was developed in October 2010 for the Analog Hardonic Calorimeter (AHCal) of the International Linear Collider (ILC). SiPMs are used to read out the organic scintillator tiles in such a calorimeter. The chip is supposed to provide a readout solution for SiPMs with very low gain(More)
KLauS is an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for the readout of silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) developed in the 0.35 µm SiGe technology. It has been designed to provide a high precision charge measurement of the SiPM signal with a high dynamic range. In addition a fast signal discriminator has been implemented to provide trigger with a(More)
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