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The adoption of everyday decisions in public affairs, fashion, movie-going, and consumer behavior is now thoroughly believed to migrate in a population through an influential network. The same diffusion process when being imitated by intention is called viral marketing. This process can be modeled by a (directed) graph G = (V, E) with a threshold t(v) for(More)
Consider the triangle-free process, which is defined as follows. Start with G(0), an empty graph on n vertices. Given G(i − 1), let G(i) = G(i − 1) ∪ {g(i)}, where g(i) is an edge that is chosen uniformly at random from the set of edges that are not in G(i − 1) and can be added to G(i − 1) without creating a triangle. The process ends once a maximal(More)
Let A be a randomized, unlimited supply, unit demand, single-item auction, which given a bid-vector b ∈ [h] n , has expected profit E[P (b)]. Aggarwal et al. showed that given A, there exists a de-terministic auction which given a bid-vector b, guarantees a profit of E[P (b)]/4 − O(h). In this paper we show that given A, there exists a deterministic auction(More)