Guy Simoneau

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BACKGROUND Nondigestible carbohydrates (NDCHs) are fermented in the colon, where they can selectively promote the growth of bifidobacteria. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to determine the bifidogenic potential of different NDCHs used in human diets. DESIGN Two hundred healthy volunteers participated in this double-blind study. During phase 1 (screening), 64(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Paracetamol (acetaminophen) has occasionally been reported to interact with warfarin. The primary end-point of this study was to investigate whether paracetamol initiation potentiates the anticoagulant effect of warfarin and the mechanism of the interaction. DESIGN AND METHODS In a double-blind placebo-controlled, randomized,(More)
BACKGROUND The safety and optimal use of prophylactic treatment with low-molecular-weight heparins in elderly patients with impaired renal function remain undefined. METHODS The primary aim of this study was to analyse, in 'real life', the influence of renal function, as assessed by creatinine clearance (CL(CR)), on the level of anti-Xa activity in(More)
BACKGROUND Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) are well-known for their bifidogenicity. In a large study comprising 200 healthy volunteers, we determined the bifidogenic properties of 7 non-digestible carbohydrates administered at a dose of 10 g/d in the diet; we analysed dose-response relationships of the bifidogenic substrates at doses ranging(More)
This pilot study investigated the immunomodulatory properties of seven probiotic strains. Eighty-three healthy volunteers aged 18-62 years consumed 2 x 10(10) CFU of bacteria or a placebo (maltodextrin) over 3 weeks (D0-D21). Subjects received an oral cholera vaccine at D7 and at D14; blood and saliva samples were collected at D0, D21 and D28. Serum samples(More)
AIM To quantify the effect of paracetamol on the anticoagulant effect of warfarin under normal clinical conditions. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective double-blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled study, 11 patients on stable warfarin therapy received in random order two 14-day regimens of paracetamol 4 g day(-1) or placebo, with a 14-day or more(More)
The gastric potential difference (PD) was measured in ten healthy volunteers after sodium taurocholate intake. This bile salt was given after treatment with dimethicone or placebo in a cross-over design study. With dimethicone the fall in PD was lower (16.1 vs. 24.8 mV,) and shorter (32.5 vs. 51.0 min) than with the placebo. Our result suggests that the(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Mother-to-child (MTC) hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission has been mainly studied in Asia. The geographical origins of women and HBV genotypes differ in Europe. The aims were to determine the rate and risk factors of MTC HBV transmission from women with high HBV DNA loads in a maternity hospital in Paris, France. METHODS Retrospective(More)
Patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection who were native to sub-Saharan Africa but lived in France were less adherent to antiretroviral therapy during a visit back to Africa, compared with their level of adherence in France. This was mainly related to self-perceived insufficient support from family members and/or fear of the consequences(More)